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while it's raining ....

will it be that I have lost the thread, and I am not able to get hooked again?
In any case, there is no where else to go,
I have to continue,
It has to keep raining ....
I have to dirty some of my senses
confuse him
make him see that everything is fine
put on a mask and leave
At the height of the storm
cover everything up, with an artificial look
and try not to paint only skies of a pearl gray
my hand lies less than my mouth
my ears are no longer fooled by sweet melodies
They whisper clear skies
and nice atmosphere
because when I look up
my eyes tell their truth

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The most volatile web
T h e m o s t v o l a t i l e w e b !

Blank letter

Tormented souls
they look for peace,
in inspiration,
an inspiration melancolic that reaffirms his torment,
the look is capable of showing the sameness as any medium in the reach of creativity,
you can not change a natural state of consciousness
you can only adapt to it
and seek relief in inspiration
eject those demons
so that others enter
same or different
but the melancholy that emanates from being can not be erased or hidden
at sight this
sad eyes do not have to be the fruit of a moment or a passing state
It may be from the human condition of some beings
that although they have everything necessary to feel complete mentally and physically
is not sufficient
nor ejecting everything inside
because it's what inside as a virus infects everything
and he takes it to his land
we dance with the frequencies
around us
and in that Vals
we interpret things to our way of understanding what we have before us
a genius does not have to be a tormented or melancholic or tedious soul ...
but if it's true
what we consider geniuses
the souls with such deep pain
that has nothing to do with our reality
goes beyond
for the believers of reincarnation
It is an easy explanation
for agnostics
something bad that comes rationally from lived experiences, education, acts, etc etc
the conclusions are always superfluous
for the eyes that look at them
without absolute truths....

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