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*We deeply regret the inconvenience of having translated most of the page into Spanish dialect.
Absurd policies of the Internet Government.
We know that it will not be so cool because if it is not in English it is not good, but we do not expect you to understand it,we do not care about you

**If luckily you do not feel welcome click on these links and you will feel -o sientate(silla)-(bilingual humor) at home ;) :

Now you know how to enter but not how to get out.

Palakpanneralakpannerlakpannerakpannerkpannerpannerannernner ner o ano

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NAVAJERO (that stabbed) PART1

NAVAJERO (that stabbed) PART2

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you can visit now my old page, closed by federal laws of internet shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt